A place for female founders to connect, learn and grow their businesses.

About Us:

This community was built by Emily & Ankita, two business coaches and consultants with extensive experience building and running companies. The goal of this community is to support female founders while they start, grow and scale their companies.  Between the two of them they have four degrees in what they teach, have raised and worked in venture capital, and built product and service-based businesses.  They love processes, and use a data and consumer-psychology approach to catapult businesses to new levels.  Learn more about them and what else they offer here.

Why work with us:

We, Emily and Ankita, care deeply about helping womxn build successful businesses, while building a work-life integration that is intentional, true to your values, and grounded in your goals.

We get into the nuts and bolts of helping you build your business, no matter what stage your business is at. Between us, we’ve successfully helped build (and have built for ourselves) all kinds of business – both service and product based.

We study what we teach, we practice what we preach. We are committed to honing and perfecting our craft – between us we have four degrees in what we teach, and we’re constantly learning so we can bring our best to our clients. 

We aren’t simply talking about mindset, although there’s no doubt that having a positive mindset will help you get out of your own way. We go deep – into the tactical and actionable. We won’t just tell you what to do, instead we will be there with you every step of the way: to cheer you on, be your sounding board, act as your advisory board, and so much more.

Emily launched her fashion company (The Stylist LA) 10 years ago and grew it to a seven-figure business with retail stores in Los Angeles & San Francisco.  She raised over a million dollars in venture funding and managed a team of 15.  Now she also coaches and consults female founders and helps them scale their businesses.

Ankita created Intentional Money to be a platform, community and hub for the socially conscious millennial and entrepreneur. She has worked in venture capital, at a venture backed startup, and most recently helped direct millions of dollars of funding from partners including Microsoft, Google, S&P, and Target to socially conscious businesses. 

We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes – those who were working with an idea and needed clarity on what comes first, to those making $500,000 a year, who wanted support as they charted out steps for the next level of growth.

When you sign up to be a member of My Founder Circle, you don’t just get a coach. You get two coaches with massive networks, coming together, and a supportive community, to propel your business to the next level of success.